ofxSndObj can't find <CoreAudio.h> on MACOSX

Hi All,

Very new to of. I’m working through an example from Programming Interactivity and trying to get the ofxSndObj addon to compile with my test app. I’m using Xcode and I’ve dragged in the ofxSndObj folder into the addons folder in my project. When it goes to compile, I get 30 error messages—the first being the fact in SndCoreAudio.h the include line for <CoreAudio.h> can’t be found.

I’ve attached an image of the error. I’m guessing it’s due to a stupid mistake since i’m just starting out, but any help would be great.

You’ll need to add CoreAudio to the frameworks in XCode, but my advice would be: don’t use ofxSndObj. I haven’t been updating it or working on it, and maximilian www.maximilian.strangeloop.co.uk is much better. I’m actually working on the 2nd edition of Programming Interactivity right now and I’m using ofxMaxim instead of SndObj for it (just to give an indication of how I see things): it’s simpler, the core is really readable, and it’s all around better.

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Good to know! I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip—if I would want to add in CoreAudio, where would I go about finding that though?

Just select Frameworks in your project browser, right click and select Add Existing Framework. That will bring up a window of all the available frameworks, and then you select CoreAudio.

Thanks for the help…

So I have gone ahead and added it in, but it looks like it’s still throwing the same error?

![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/1683/SndCoreAudio.h - sndObjTest.png)

got it—had to update the path to <CoreAudio/CoreAudio.h>

Ah, glad to hear it. Still though, check out maximilian. I’m writing the next edition of Programming Interactivity right now and I’m going to be using maximilian, not sndobj, for whatever that’s worth :slight_smile: