ofxSMTP send email error

Hi! im trying to use the SMTP addon i trying to run the examples but i get this error:
ofThreadErrorLogger:exeption No adress found: smtp.gmail.com.
Which adress should i use or what i’m doing wrong?


Hi, what version of openFrameworks and ofxSMTP are you using? What operating system are you using? Can you share some code?

I’m using of_V.0.9.1RC1 android under OSX and ofxSMTP the latest on github.
I’m using the same code of the examples

Definitely upgrade to 0.9.3.

After that – on Android I’m not exactly sure. Does the android app need explicit permission in order to make network connections?

Ok! i will upgrade, about the second not sure to be honest.

Hey! i’m running on 0.9.3 i still get the same error
any idea?

This sounds like a DNS lookup error. If you run a command like host smtp.gmail.com at the command line on the same machine, does it resolved to an IP address?

I run the command on terminal and yes i get a IP address.