ofxSimpleSerial gonna super slow after about 3-5 minutes

hello, all.

I want to read serial message from arduino.
arduino read digital inputs and send to oF via serial message.

my serial messages are variable length… and not like processing, i cannot find proper way to synchronized reading (read until '\n`). seems that ofxSimpleSerial can do that… it’s quite old but seems ok.

but thing is… for 1~3 or 5 minutes, reading and parsing are fine. but few minutes later, it’s super slow.
(it doens’t draw every frame)

I tried with ofxSerial addon but it crashed without any logs…

does anyone have same issue ?

well. I guess it’s cause something with ofEvent. I tried without addon and put that codes in ofApp::update() directly. so far, no lag or framedrop issue.