ofxSimpleGuiToo - undefined reference

I’m new to openFrameworks and been trying to implement the ofxSimpleGuiToo addon. As far as I know I’ve installed the addon correctly but when I tried to run my app i get following error:

obj\release\src\testApp.o:testApp.cpp:(.text+0x6dc) - undefined reference to \_gui' obj\release\src\testApp.o:testApp.cpp:(.text+0x6fc) - undefined reference toofxSimpleGuiToo::addTitle(std::string, float)’

The only call to the Gui is placed in the setup: gui.addTitle(“A group”);

Can anybody tell me what’s going wrong?


have you included all the source files in your project so that your compiler can find them?

Seems that was the problem… :oops:
Thnx for the tip!

you’re welcome. :oops: )