ofxSimpleGuiToo/tinyxml crashes


have a problem with the ofxSimpleGuiToo, i think. cant debug it because i only crashes in release mode. settings, includes and so on are the same for both modes(relesae & debug).

use the addon for a while but since 3 days i cant open the xml files. empty xml files are ok but if they contain data -> it crashes. when i use two times the save button it crashes too.

i cant get behind it. i used printf statements to follow the code execution. it crahes when tinyxml try to open the xml file. dont know why. the xml settings are the same…

anybody with similar problem or some helpful informations?

lose much time on this problem…

(use Codeblocks on Windows 7)


the problem only occurs in combination with highgui.h from OpenCV. anybody know why or know an other way to write videofiles?

not only with highgui.h

have the fealing, that it is a problem with file permissions after open/saving or something like that. perhaps in conncetion with windows 7.

sometimes after some builds, rebuilds or changes in settings my app crashes when i want to load the xml settings. but it is the same xml file and for sure - the same code.

then i have to reboot my system and all works fine. without another build or changes.

im wondering why there are no destructor or close file functions

its me again :wink:

could also be a problem in connection with codeblocks. can start the release exe but if i start from codeblocks it crashes while loading the xml file.