ofxSimpleGuiToo :: loadFromXML() problem

hi, ive been using ofxSimpleGuiToo for some time and its been my favorite gui in OF, although ive never been able to get the loadFromXML() method to work.

think i might be calling things in the wrong order.

gui.setAutoSave( false );  
gui.addTitle( "general" );  
gui.addToggle( "bDebug",		bDebug );  
gui.addToggle( "bSmoothing",	bSmoothing );  

when i hit save, i can see the xml files being updated with the correct values.
but when i relaunch the app and add my toggles and sliders to the gui, it automatically saves over the values in the xml.

also noticed that,
gui.setAutoSave( false );
doesn’t seem to work when first initialising, it always loads defaulted to true.
think this could be part of the problem.

has anyone else had this problem?
or can advise on a way of getting loadFromXML() to work.

thx, L.

Hey Lukasz,

did you ever come to a solution for this? I’m having the same problem



had the same problem today. solved it by not using , äs, üs and blanks for the slidernames.
maybe its also good to put gui.loadFromXML(); before gui.show();