ofxSimpleGuiToo - function must return a value

Hi @ all,

i was trieng to test the ofxSimpleGuiToo but i’am getting some errors which i cannot understand.

addons\ofxsimpleguitoo\ofxsimpleguicontrol.cpp(62) : error C4716: ‘ofxSimpleGuiControl::setConfig’:must return a value

(there are 9 more errors from the same type in the same file)

Normally i was getting such errors, when mac-users where giving me their files. I tried to change the functions to “void” but still getting the errors.

thank you for your concern

Hi everyone, searching more accurate has guided me to the solution. As i have expected it is a microsoft specific problem. VS doesn’t like function without any return value, you can add a

return *this;

to every function which says “must have a value”

For detailled information, the solution was here:

thanks, see you.