ofxSimpleGuiToo: combobox and save settings not responding

Hi all,

I’m using Memo’s version of ofxSimpleGuiToo in my current project. Everything works great except the “save settings” control and the combobox controls. When I click on save settings, no save function is called. When I click on combobox, the list of choices drops down, but clicking on them has no effect. This also happens in the example that comes with the add-on. I thought the problem was the result of a conflict with OF0071 but today, a new version of ofxSimpleGuiToo compatible with 0071 was released and I still have the same problem.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Not sure about the save settings but the combobox usually works for me (haven’t tried the one updated yesterday). Here is a snippet I keep around to remind me how to populate it with files

int fileID;  
vector<string> fileNames;  
string fileExtension;  
//testApp.cpp in testApp::setup()  
fileID= 0;  
fileExtension = "jpg";  
ofDirectory dir = ofToDataPath("", true);  
vector<ofFile> files = dir.getFiles();  
for(int i=0; i<files.size(); i++)  
  if (files[i].getExtension() == fileExtension)  
gui.addComboBox("SOURCE", fileID, fileNames.size(),  &fileNames[0]);