hi i am reading the

and found this


in page 548

ofxSimpleGesture is an add-on for openFrameworks that lets you do simple gesture recognition using either a mouse or a video camera. To start, download the add-on from http://addons.openframeworks.cc.

but i do not find this addon, anyone now were can i download, for continous make examples for this book


wow, I don’t know if it has a “web” home at the moment, but in the errata for the book,


there is a post / link about ofxSimpleGesture – can you check it out? does that help?

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ok zach thx

all works ok

i am working on my project…

Sorry bout that, I should have been looking for this. I had submitted it at the time of writing and I guess the addons site got abandoned right around that time. Compounding that O’Reilly was pretty slow in the getting the code downloads in place. The stuff that’s referenced by not listed in the book is here:


you can also look here:


as I’ll be updating some of the code and getting it all posted up there shortly.

hi, I did not download the .zip file from the url in the previous message, so maybe I’m talking about the same thing;
At this page you can read about a library which can be used to recognize patterns and much more; it has full documentation and a download link at sourceforge:


Hope this helps you.


Actually the Amelia stuff is totally different. Way more powerful but also a little more complex to use. I just made a simple library based on some stuff done a while ago in Actionscript by a guy named Didier Brun. I need to update it to use events and get the comments back in there attributing the bulk of it to him, which somehow got stripped out :confused:

I would highly suggest that people look into the $1 Unistroke Recognizer (best paper in UIST 07). It is really robust, and there is no crazy AI algorithm invovled, so you don’t need to a huge training data set to train your classifier. Also, there a bunch of source code available to download as well.

It literally took me 10 minutes to incorporate it into the openframeworks project that I am working on.


Wow that’s really amazing; i’ve tested the Flash implementation and it’s almost a 100% match when I draw 10 different shapes. Thanks for the link!

Hi I downloaded the ofxSimpleGesture .cpp & .h but I don’t understand how to use it. The files are in the project ? I red the chapter about this in “programming interactivity” but when I write:

class gestureApp : public ofBaseApp, public IGestureListener {

I have an error. The problem is maybe I have a new version of OF (0062). I really need this class working, can you help me ?


Joshua in the ofxGesture library you put comments about implementing the “onGesture” virtual function :

// You should implement this interface in your code to receive gesture events
// You get the name of the gesture as a parameter so you can decide what to do as a response

How Can I do that. I tried many things and fail…

Sorry for my english.