ofxSick Connection Issues

Trying to attach to a SICK LMS100 using ofxSick. I tried using the default IP of to connect, but the application stops on [ error ] ofxSickGrabber: Failed to set angular resolution @ I’ve tried setting the IP to a custom value in SOPAS but I received the same error. (SOPAS does allow me to view the data coming in off of the Ethernet connection using both IP addresses.) Once I load the application, the sensor LEDs change from OK to STOP till I quit the application.

Currently using oF 0.9.3 on Mac. ofxSick was updated today (Aug 10) and I’m using the SICK-Example. The LMS100 is on the latest firmware. The Mac reports I have a connection to the ethernet and I can ping the sensor.

Anyone with familiarity with the device have any suggestions? Thanks!