ofxShader addons problem question

sorry for the noob issue…

I putted addons from

to addons folder

but when I select ofxShader from project generator and run, it wont run;

even if I dont write any codes and just run it wont run…

the error code from visual studio 2017 says

E0757 (chrono)
its says theres some problem with readme.txt

I dont know whats going on. maybe the OF version is too latetest compared to the ofxShader addon? but theres no guide from github.,…

I don’t have experience with VS but you should look inside addon folder and clean the unnecessary files like examples, redme.tx etc.
your addon foder should look like this:


I deleted example folder and readme.md etc.

but it still wont work even if I update the addon through project generator.

I made a new project and it’s same. still the same errors poping up…

I found readme.txt in src folder! but another error started to pop up…

this error pops up.

sorry its Korean, my VS cant change the language into English