ofxSerial packetSerial mode


Im trying to use ofxSerial with the packetSerial “protocol” just with the example that comes with the addon:

Everything compiles fine (OS X oF0.9), in the arduino part, i have a mega and upload the demo sketch without issues.

Its just that i don’t see data coming back from the arduino, the function in the OS X part that get fired when receive a msg “onSerialBuffer” never get called.

Anyone used this? I can not see why im not getting data…


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Hey there, what version of the arduino program, ofxIO, ofxSerial, PacketSerial etc are you using? Have you tried the example on a non-arduino Mega (like an Uno or something?).

I tried arduino 1.0.6 and also with 1.6.6, for the addons the current master version of each one. No i only have arduino mega, i tried two boards, also with an old version oF 0.8.4 and nothing… Maybe its something that only happens on a mega??


I just bought an arduino Uno to test… The same behavior, no data comes back from the ardu.