ofxSerial error missing separator

To work with arduino mega on archlinux:
I am looking to work with ofxSerial but i get this message:
“missing separator” error in config.addons.mk for addon with addon_config.mk

“~/of_v17-05-17_linux64gcc6/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/config.addons.mk:210: *** séparateur manquant. Arrêt.”

Don’t know if this is related, just to be sure: ofxSerial needs ofxIO. If you work with OF 0.9, you will have to use ofxIO of stable branch, not master. Otherwise you will get errors when compiling.

does this help?

I do not know how to work on previous versions of openframesworks (9.8, 9.0 …), I’m on archlinux and I have errors when compilations.
By cons I just tested on of_v20170226_linux64gcc6_release (instead of the last and it works!)
I continue my research to understand the error but I can continue to work on my code.

I found the source of the problem, we must add ofPoco in the project addons.make…


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