ofxSerial custom baudrate

Hi all

Im using the @bakercp ofxSerial add-on to communicate with a device that needs to use a high baud rate (250000). When i try to set this baudrate i get an error saying:

“OS does not currently support custom bauds”

Im in osx 10.9.4, xcode 5.1.1

How can i use custom baud rates?¿?

Hey @pandereto there was a missing include in the serial library. I just added it in, so if you pull the latest, you should be able to set an arbitrary baudrate now. If you leave an issue over in the ofxSerial addon, I’ll likely see it more quickly. Thanks for the report!

By the way, I sent a PR to the original serial lib author for the fix https://github.com/wjwwood/serial/pull/70. This fix has already been incorporated into ofxSerial.

I tried and get no errors connecting at 250k, now i have a doubth if i am sending the command correctly but this is not an ofxserial question so i will make another post.

Thanks bakercp

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