ofxSequencer example error

Hi all,
I want to test the ofxSequencer with the given example:
I´m struggeling with an error "No matching member function for call to ‘startThread’"
This occures in the addon ofxBpm in the Line: startThread(true, false);

//  ofxBpm.cpp
//  ofxBpm
//  Created by mirrorboy on 2013/08/14.

#include "ofxBpm.h"
#include "ofMain.h"

ofxBpm::ofxBpm(float bpm,int beatPerBar):_beatPerBar(beatPerBar){
    _isPlaying = false;
    _isTick = false;

void ofxBpm::start(){
    _isPlaying = true;
    startThread(true, false);   // blocking, verbose  **//IN THIS LINE**

I’m not sure what the consequences are when you call it without arguments, like:
Line 91 of the ofThread.h
But it will probably compile

Here it is working fine in macOS and last OF/0.10.

What OF version are you using?

I think it’s important because if you look into last repo commits,
startThread(true, false); has been changed to be compatible with OF >=0.10. If you are using OF 0.9.8 maybe you need to use an earlier repo state/commit…

Also maybe you don’t need to add ofxBpm, because it’s already included.

(I used many times this addon and sometimes the mouse clicks are working bad…
Also if you expect a really precise clock you can look around the forum to better alternatives.)