ofxSequence compiled on the Pi Instructions / source

So I had proceeded to update the example file in in ofxSequence for the raspberry pi with success.

i’ve uploaded/pushed to github and sourceforge here:


I didnt have the most elegant approach, so if @nkint wants to incorporate, by all means.

You MUST read the README.txt file before compiling. you’l need to have the updated cmake, the armadillo library to compile. All the information within the text file.

edit: any and all criticism / critiques (including my lack of github savy) welcome.


I had also found this useful thread on installing Armadillo with xcode:

I am still a bit confused on how to initially install on OSX if anyone can shine some light.

just a quick reply, holiday stress are keeping me far from codes.

you can easily install armadillo on mac with homebrew, here the formula, just tap the science package in homebrew.

no experience in how linking on xcode sorry, i’m not using it as code editor.
let me know if you manage to do it!

for sure i’m highly interested in merging any kind of contribution for the ofxSequence!

plus, as a todo in the future…
i have seen some implementations of hidden markov model with pure opencv math backend (= no armadillo, only opencv as dependence) and i think it’s pretty cool, forget all those armadillo problems…

just for curiosity, for what kind of project are you using it?