ofxRunway / example-PoseNet

I’ve installed ofxRunway, ofxHTTP, ofxIO, ofxMediaType, ofxNetworkUtils, ofxNetworkUtils, ofxSSLManager. I opened example-PoseNet.xcodeproj that was already in ofxRunway folder I downloaded.
when I Command R and build the project Build Succeeded, but it’s asking me to pick a file.
Since I’m not too sure what file it’s asking I pressed cancel.
window opens up and I see Gui on the screen.
on the right hand side it says:
host http://localhost:800 CONNECTED
Setup and connected to runway sever but no data has been received back.

Can anybody help me why I’m not seeing on the screen other than Gui parameters and The messages?

macOS Mojave v 10.14.6
Xcode v11.3(11C29)