ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber + ofxGui


I´m trying to use ofxGui in a project with ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber, to control some camera settings.

The project goes fine if i dont add any object to the gui panel (it works if i only have a gui.setup() ) but as soon as i tryed to add anything to the gui panel i get a seg fault in make command…

Has anyone tryed to use those two addons in a single project?


I might be mistaken, but as far as I understood you can’t draw anything on top of the grabber, since it is actually bypassing the renderer(?) and just showing the buffer from the graphics chip. That’s why stuff like openCV is really slow, if you want to do anything with the videostream you need to first to render to ofPixels, which is something the Pi is pretty crappy at (compared to desktops, of course).

So, maybe you can try doing that: put it in ofPixels and try again? In this thread you can see how to do it: ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber + ofxOpenCv

thanks, but i´m drawing the video on an fbo and later on draw im drawing over that, for example to view fps
ofDrawBitmapString(ofToString(ofGetFrameRate())+"fps", 15,15);

But maybe its related to what are you saying, i will take a look

The addon actually doesn’t (yet) support direct-to-screen rendering that is available in the ofxOMXPlayer addon. A texture is provided to OF so you are able to draw on top of it

I have used ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber + ofxGui. It’s a pretty complex project right now but the idea is for the camera to run on the RPi and then to control it with a desktop/ipad “remote control app”. You may be able to see how to combine the 2.

The current state is here


I tried to compile that, but im getting the same error, even commenting the gui.draw method… im going to try with the github master branch to see if something change