ofxReprojection does not show chessboard

quick question concerning ofxReprojection…

the default example with the kinect compiles fine…
but no chessboard is shown and it gives me this error…

[warning] ofxReprojection: updateChessboard() called before chessboard FBO was allocated

using of 0.8.4, osx 10.7 and xcode 4.6

anybody else having this problem?

thanks and greetz


Mmmh i don’t know ofxReprojection but your error come from ofFbo.

I already have some troubles with FBO, maybe your OpenGL version is not support. glInfoExample can help you, otherwise try FBO simple example just to see if it is run correctly.

sorry for the delay… thanks for the hints…

glInfoExample tells me…

opengl info

version=2.1 ATI-7.32.12
vendor=ATI Technologies Inc.
renderer=AMD Radeon HD 6770M OpenGL Engine

fbo works for me.

as said earlier… just trying to get the included example to work… and as far as i can tell the error does not come from the example but from the addon itself…



I had a similar problem, it seems my graphics card does not support the GL_LUMINANCE frame buffer object used to generate the calibration grid. I changed it to GL_RGB and it seems to work and should not cause any problems, it is a bit of a waste of resources.

Edit line 867 from ofxReprojectionCalibration.cpp

from chessboardImage.allocate(w,h,GL_LUMINANCE);
to chessboardImage.allocate(w,h,GL_RGB);


awesome… it’s working now…

thank you so much…