ofxQtVideoSaver to another format

Hi, I’ve used ofxQtVideoSaver to save as a .mov file. I’m trying to set a different codec. I need raw MPEG-4 YUV video. But my app crashes when using different codecs.

How do you use the setCodecType() method?

Yes ,I want to know this tooo!.Help anybody! , between its written on the git page that ofxQtVideoSaveris a wrapper over the quicktime api, so can it really support formats other than .mov and .qt? Is there any other addon that does mp4?
@chuckleplant if you got the solution , can you share it here , considering this post is 12 days old!?

I didn’t get this to work, sorry. In the ofxQtVideoSaver code there are some functions that seem to allow the use of different codecs. But I haven’t found any example on how to use them. You can also check ofxVideoRecorder.

Thanks! . Will take a look at ofxVideoRecorder ,between do you get a frame drop when you try to record using ofxQtVideoSaver ?. On my windows machine my app gets a frame drop from set 60 fps to 10!.

Yep, same. ofxVideoRecorder should be faster though. If you’re on Windows there is no straight forward support. In the addon the author uses pipes to communicate to ffmpeg. On windows the same thing could be done… I tried once but didn’t really manage… it’s on my stack of things to do.

If you know Windows pipes maybe you can code it and send a pull request to the author.

Ok,will try to study and work on it when I get time.