ofxQtVideoSaver doesn't work with OS X 10.8?

I have ofxQtVideoSaver working perfectly on a machine running OS X 10.6

But on OS X 10.8, the same code throws many errors in ofxQtVideoSaver.cpp,
such as “use of undeclared identifier initializeQuicktime”

Is it possible: ofxQtVideoSaver does not work under OS X 10.8 ?

If yes – any other suggestions for how to record oF output as QT video
in OS X ?

You could use the newer ofQTKitGrabber instead of ofxQtVideoSaver, check the examples/videososxVideoRecorderExample for usage. Or if you still want to use ofxQtVideoSaver on 10.8, you could download the 10.6 sdk (see this post- http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/xcode-4.5-not-supporting-10.6-sdk/10343/0) and use as normal.

OK thank you!

The osxVideoRecorderExample shows how to record from a camera.
I want to record generated ofImages as video.
Is there an example for how to do this?

I don’t see how to record an ofImage as a video frame
– in osxQtVideoSaver, it was
“videoSaver.addFrame(myImage.getPixels(), frameDuration);”

Is there an equivalent using ofQTKitGrabber?

ah ok, sorry thought you wanted to save the grabber capture. In that case I wouldn’t use the ofQTKitGrabber. You could do the 10.6 sdk thing, or check others addons http://ofxaddons.com/#videocamera, or just save out each frame as a png (i would probably do this) and use any other video editing app (quicktime pro, etc) to make your video file from the images.

Thank you!

After messing about a bit, your final recommendation works best: rendering .pngs, and assembling into a .mov file by hand.

Unfortunately this is not ideal for my project, which requires producing many videos, all at different resolutions…would have been great to spit out each one as a ProRes .mov, and be done with it.

I think I will make a feature request – it seems like a fairly ordinary thing to want to do: to record the output of openFrameworks as a QT mov file. It’s a pity Apple has thrown up hurdles to this with recent OS X releases.

Oh also, just for the record – the 10.6 SDK thing didn’t work out for this project. I am storing a lot of data in RAM, and it seemed this could not happen properly with the 10.6 SDK (but, I was able to get the ofxQtVideoSaver examples to work running on OS X 10.8 using the 10.6 SDK)

I’m running into the same problem, now searching for an addon to record the output of openFrameworks as a QT mov file. I too had been using ofxQTVideoSaver but of course it does not work on my current machine, running OS X 10.9. Have you found an updated alternative?

have you looked at the osxVideoRecorderExample included with OF?

Thanks, az_rr. Just like retnull, I’m looking to record an ofImage as a video frame. From what I can tell, osxVideoRecorderExample uses ofQTKitGrabber, which records a video file from a device stream but doesn’t let you build a video file by adding ofImage as frames. Late yesterday I discovered ofxVideoRecorder will probably do the trick. From what you’ve seen, is ofxVideoRecorder my best bet?

and this one


Hello, just a short question:
As far as I understand, there are only 2 ways for saving videos: using the old 10.6 SDK or installing ffmpeg… Is there maybe an easier solution? ofxQtVideoSaver was so much easier…
thank you