ofxQTKitVideoGrabber and live delayed video + audio

i used the normal videograbber to grab frame, buffer them and play them back with a delay.

now i want to do the same with video and audio.
i know ofxQTKitVideoGrabber can record video and audio together.

can i use that some how to created a delayed video+audio?

i am not sure which data to buffer and how then to play it back, because it is not just straight forward frames.

thx for any advice.


thanks to james, pointing me to ofxPlaymodes which does audio+video delay stuff.

but i noticed audio and video delay are not in sync .

am i doing something wrong?


hi stephan !

man, sorry for the huge delay … i didn’t see that post until today by a casual search !
we’ve been working on the new ofxPlaymodes some weeks ago and it’s working quite well…
finally for the audio part we’re using ofxPd which has given us very good results and workflow …

are you still interested on this ?