ofxQRCodeGenerator: dyld_fatal_error

I’m looking for a way to generate QR codes and stumbled upon ofxQRCodeGenerator. It doesn’t work for me though. It builds fine (XCode 4.3.3, OSX Lion) but right after compilation I get:

0x8fe48070:  int3     
0x8fe48071:  nop    

Any hints?

Thanks for sharing .Im generating-QR-code now, and your codes works for me.

i have several years’ experience in generating barcode, i think some turioals and articles might be helpful. you can google QR code, and some articles can be available. i can give you some if you need . this is the turoial-of-generating-QR-code , you can ,make it as reference and the tool if free for 30 days.this is the barcode-generator-in-vb-and other formats, i think it might also be helpful .good luck.

Hey guys,

I know this is probably a no-no (reviving an old thread like this), but I wanted to post the solution to this problem if someone in the near future has the same problem.

Additional to OP’s error, there’s a “Reason: Image not found”. This happens because when the application is ran, the application can’t find the dynamic library on its specified “Install path”. Each dynamic library has an “Install path” that is used when trying to link to it. libqrencode has its default Install Path set to “usr/local/lib/libqrencode.3.dylib”. To be able to run the application, you either have to put your dylib on this path (which is terrible if you want to share your application) or change the install path to look for the dylib. Fortunately, we can change it with a sh script after the file linking process on the XCode Project properties. Just add the following lines:

cp -f …/…/…/addons/ofxQRCodeGenerator/lib/osx/libqrencode.3.dylib “$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PRODUCT_NAME.app/Contents/MacOS/libqrencode.3.dylib”; install_name_tool -change /usr/local/lib/libqrencode.3.dylib @executable_path/libqrencode.3.dylib “$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PRODUCT_NAME.app/Contents/MacOS/$PRODUCT_NAME”;

These lines will copy the dylib from the addons folder to the application folder and then change the executable’s reference of the dylib to be searched on “@executable_path/libqrencod.3.dylib”. A little more reading can be found here: