ofxQCAR from github + 0.9 get errors

Hi @julapy
Is there is a working version of ofxQCAR already ?
I tried the github master version of ofxQCAR with OF nightly build (today) but example is not compiling

/Volumes/LaCie/dev/of_v20150518_ios_release/addons/ofxQCAR/src/ofxQCAR.mm:236:43: Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘ofxVuforiaSessionDelegate’
/Volumes/LaCie/dev/of_v20150518_ios_release/addons/ofxQCAR/src/ofxQCAR.mm:389:11: No type named ‘TrackerManager’ in namespace ‘QCAR’
/Volumes/LaCie/dev/of_v20150518_ios_release/addons/ofxQCAR/src/ofxQCAR.mm:389:51: No member named ‘TrackerManager’ in namespace ‘QCAR’
and many others …


hey, im making some big changes to the master branch atm, so its going to be broken while i get it running again…
but ive just uploaded a OF_084 branch which will work with the latest OF 084 release.
work with that branch for now.

thanks a lot !

@julapy, hi, I am working with the QCAR master branch, still got a lot of errors, So you still working on it right now?

hey, the ofxQCAR master branch only works with the latest OF master.
and only the basic example works.
exampleET and exampleUDT currently don’t work.

Thanks, well, I also try to use the OF_084 branch, but I couldn’t add my own data. it said failed read the data set, any idea why?

oh so i think now if you create new markers, they are incompatible with the older version of vuforia.
so chances are that new markers won’t work with 084 (but i haven’t tested this).

the only setup that currently ive been working with is using the latest ofxQCAR master, with latest OF master, and you’ll need to generate new markers.

Hi @julapy, thanks for the great addon!
I can run the basic example in OF 09 on iphone, but on ipad I have a strange problem with the camera view. It displays correctly in the window greyscale cameraImage, but the drawBackground shows a blown up image and messes up the target display and marker recognition… any idea if I am doing something wrong? It worked ok with the previous iteration though. I attached a screenshot from the iPad view.
Thanks! Marco.