ofxQcar for android?

Hello everyone,

i’m kinda new to OF but i’m liking it very much! I’m working on an augmented reality project with Qualcomm’s vuforia SDK. I’ve successfully imported my pre-existing C++ code and shaders into openframeworks using the excellent ofxQcar addon for iOS ( https://github.com/julapy/ofxQCAR )

However, before going on with the development of the application itself, i’d like it to work on android/OF as well. Sadly, i couldn’t find any android OF extensions for vuforia yet, so i think i’ll probably have to write it myself, which is why i am posting.

Before going on this road, i’d like to ask you guys if anybody has already tried it and if you did, if you have any advice for me!


DId you manage to write the port yourself? I’d also be very interested : )


I have been working on this port for a while.

Although, i can’t manage to include the external vuforia libraries in OF so they are compiled inside an OF project. I can’t figure out the right methodology…

any ideas?

i point another post where i explain the issue



Did you manage to get this running?

Best, Benni.