ofxPoint2f not recognized?

Hey everyone,

I am trying to set up a basic animation where I use ofxPoint2f to set the destination of object.
However, when compiling, Xcode does not recognize ofxPoint2f (error: ‘ofxPoint2f’ does not name a type). Code completion knows it, but doesn’t see what kind of type it is.

How can solve this?

you are missing the vector math addon.

every time you see ofx, it means it’s not part of the core but rather, that it’s an “addon”

there is, however, an ofPoint type in the core.

to use the addon, you can:

a) make sure that you have downloaded the FAT package
b) copy the “ofxVectorMath” example, from “apps/addonsExamples” and rename the folder
c) any time you need to use the addon, be sure to include it:

#include “ofxVectorMath.h”

hope that helps!

Ah - got it
great! Thanks