ofxPoco Problem Android Studio

I am working on a project using ofxPoco and ofxHttpUtils.
Everything works fine in Visual Studio on Windows and in Xcode on MacOS.

In Android Studio (Windows v 3.1.2 and MacOS v 3.1.4) using OF 0.10.0, the includes regarding Poco (addons\ofxPoco\libs\poco\include\Poco) are not found, as for example
#include <Poco/DOM/Document.h> at line 9 of ofxPoco/src/ofxXmlPoco.h

To reproduce the problem copy paste the empty example and add ofxPoco using the project generator, then open from Android Studio and build it.

Thanks in advance for every answer.

can you open an issue on github?

ok, i have opened the issue.

Hi, did you get anywhere on this?

@arturo, any leads on what to look into to help solve this (just added to the git issue)

Hi Adam

I finally managed to use for all plattforms on my project OF 0.10.
The networking tools built in OF in this version are powerfull enough for my requirements
(transfer multiple files to server as POST and read answers in JSON).


Kind regards,

Cheers Mathias.

Was hoping for resolution on the ofxPoco Android thing, but glad to hear you found alternate lib for your project!