ofxPJControl An addon to turn on/off Projectors

Hello All,

A few months back I made a simple class to remotely turn on and off projectors, so today I had a little free time, so I made it into an addon and put it on git hub.


The addon allows you to control either NEC projectors or any projector that uses the PJLINK protocol through a TCP network. I tested the addon with an Epson, and a NEC projector.

Don’t forget most projectors need at least 30 seconds to turn off and another 30 seconds to turn back on. Enjoy!


	//in the testApp.h   
	#include "ofxPJControl.h"  
	ofxPJControl projector1;  
	//in the testApp.cpp  
	projector1.setup("",PJLINK_MODE); //Your projectors IP, and if its not NEC try PJLINK