ofxPiMapper - GPIO

Hi everybody, I’m not a developer but i know a little coding, I’m just started OF on Raspberry Pi and ofxPiMapper add-on ! I wanted a simple interactive mapping with GPIO, or maybe remote source video ! how can I connect pimapper to gpio for example changing the video !

thank u

  1. Install wiringPi: http://wiringpi.com/download-and-install/
  2. Include it in your code #include "wiringPi.h"
  3. Use it in your code
if(wiringPiSetup() == -1){
  std::cout << "Failed to setup wiringPi" << std::endl;
pinMode(7, INPUT);

if(digitalRead(7) != 0){
  // Do things you want to do here

Take a look at a very simple cpp example here: https://github.com/kr15h/PiSupply/blob/master/main.cpp

you can also try:

Thank You very much guys, I’ll give you the feedback soon

OK, I wanted to map a video and change the videos with a sensore input, I used the first solution : wiringPi , the challenging thing that I’ve crossed was to make a “config.make” file in my project src path and put these lines in it :


I made myprojectsource and used ofxOMXPlayer within the sources in piMapper !

Thank you all