ofxpiMapper Autorun

Hi all!

I am totally new to OpenFrameworks and just started by downloading the ofxpiMapper Image for my Raspberry Pi. Works perfectly and shows me 2 textured triangles right after bootup.

So… if I now develop my own app, where is the startup script that automatically launches the app just like the demo app?

What do you mean by your own app ?

If you mean choosing particular sources and set up a specific mapping, you can do so on the app and save by hitting the ‘s’ key.
You can acknowledge every commands by hitting ‘i’.

also, there is a file /etc/rc.local where you can add for example ./myscript , this will load the script at startup.

I want to write my own OF application, using ofxpiMapper within, not the readymade app that starts automatically and takes readymade content.
I want to map code-generated contents, which - from my understanding - requires to use ofxpiMapper within the scope of my own app.

If I add my script to rc.local, what happens to the ofxpiMapper app that runs automatically? It doesn’t seem to be started out of rc.local, I cannot find any reference there.

This seems very specific to ofxPiMapper, you’ll probably get a better answer directly from it’s author if you ask in their github

Ok, ofxPiMapper might not use the rc.local to launch at startup, that’s one option out of several.
Did you saw that there is some ‘FBO sources’ to choose from, that are real-time generated ?
Please post what you find about startup, I’m working with ofxPiMapper too but I didn’t bother to acknowledge this point yet.

ofxPiMapper is started using the pimapper.service

Stop it with
sudo systemctl stop pimapper

If you want to see how the service is installed, check the section “Configure systemd service” in: