I found a solution, if someone has the same problem, you can find the solution here:


Has anyone managed to successfully compile ofxPd example on Android?
I would really appreciate if someone can share the basic process to include ofxPd to an empty Android project.


Is there any progress on Android (Android Studio) ?


Hi, I could successfully compile ofxPd example with Android Studio.
It should be pretty easy once you manage to run an empty OF project on Android Studio first. Then you basically need to add ofxPd in addons.make file to use ofxPd in your project. I think that was all I needed to do AFAIR.


was trying to test again, no luck for me, can’t build oF (0.1.0 ) at all at the moment w/ gradle (3.3) && android studio (3)
are those build numbers working for you as of now?


I only tried it with OF 0.9.8. I think the author only updates ofxPd on each OF releases. So for now ofxPd may not work properly on OF 0.10.0 as it hasn’t been released yet.


when did you compile it? as of today, 0.9.8 is not a viable way, since the changes in the gradle system.
with 0.1.0 it seems that I could move one step forward, stdio errors had gone, seems linking flags are working by adding

to the android.productFlavors { (…) ndk { section of my build gradle file

i guess last thing i miss to setup libpd C headers somewhere. any hint on this?

( other possible solution of course that came to my mind: avoid using ofxPd and use libPd for Android with java bindings, but it’s harder then to maintain cross compatible sources for iOS & Android … hmmm )


ofxPd 1.7.0 is now out. This is mainly an update for OF 0.10.0 and Pd 0.48-1 but also includes some bug fixes. See the changelog for details.

Note: You will need to regenerate your projects and some files have been removed / consolidated into headers.


ofxPd 1.7.1 is now out. This is an update to libpd 0.11.0 (Pd 0.48-2).