I forgot I’m not using the API-matching branch. I’ll switch to that branch and do some tests. It looks like the api-matching branch uses lock()/unlock() around the whole send/finish process where the master branch doesn’t.


I can’t get ofxPd to produce any sound using C::B on a ThinkPad with Win7 (64), same as Ron:

Only thing I figured is that [metro] objects too do not seem to produce any BANGS.

Any ideas how I could fix this/further test what’s missing?


Only thing I figured is that [metro] objects too do not seem to produce any BANGS.

Any ideas how I could fix this/further test what’s missing?


In order to use [metro] objects, you need to link the up left inlet with a [loadbang] object.
I have no idea for the problem for the sound… Sorry…

Howdy all,

As the libpd-api-matching branch has been relatively stable, I’ve gone ahead and merged it with the master branch.

Please test this current master to double check my merge. If all is well, I’ll remove the old branch.

Onward and upward!

Thanks Dan!

BTW, we’re using the lib-api matching branch in the latest NodeBeat release. Haven’t had any reports of issues so we can confirm it should be pretty stable.

Ok, since all is well I deleted the libpd-api-matching branch, which was already merged with master.

Hi there,

would love to try this out, but I can get it to produce any sound whatsoever. It’s Win7 and Codeblocks. Compiles and runs fine, but just doesn’t want to play a tone.

ofxPd with of_cb_win works just fine out of the box with WinXP. Any ideas on the Win7 issue?

rjlib seems really great, but it is under gplv3. Doesn’t this keep it from being distributed on the iOS app store as well?

No. Since pd patches are not compiled and modifiable, it’s fine to redistribute them in an app. I note this in the ofxPd readme.

I don’t know. It works fine for me on Win7.

Howdy all,

I started a branch for visual studio with project files and pthread-win32, but currently libpd can’t compile.

You can check it out here: https://github.com/danomatika/ofxPd/tree/visual-studio

If you have fixes for the libpd errors, please post them here: http://noisepages.com/groups/pd-everywhere/forum/topic/ofxpd-in-visual-studio/

checking that, does it exist … a doc?
I mean, I’m very ok with patching, but I’d just like to know how to use this addon from OF C++ code…

I’m sorry
apologizing :stuck_out_tongue:

EVERYTHING is described in the readme on the github page

trying that for iOS, after to have :

  • put the addon at the right place (OFroot/addons/ofxPd/…)
  • put the examples at the right place too

I still have a compilation error
It seems it doesn’t find some header
anyone to point me to my … mistake ?

You have an old version that’s trying to use the .h files which have been renamed .hpp.

You can either delete those entries and drag and drop the .hpp files into the project tree or get the current master from github.

I just download the whole stuff on github (I didn’t clone it on my local drive btw)

thanks for your infos, danomatika
I’m very comfortable with max & PD. Your addon will help me a lot

Actually you’re right. I just double checked and I updated the osx project … not the ios one. Fixing now. Thanks for letting me know it was broken. I’ll reply when it’s working again.

Ok, try downloading the github master now. It’s fixed.

I just was writing it was the same :stuck_out_tongue:

doing that now, letting you know

ok it works very fine :slight_smile:

what are the performances compared to more straight stuff with portaudio or rtaudio etc ?
can I consider to make a nice polyphonic stuff using ofxPd ?