ofxPd for iOS licensing clarification

Hey guys,

In the README of ofxPd it says:

External library licensing on iOS

Apple’s iOS and App Store policies forbid dynamically linking libraries. As such, you cannot include any GPL licensed externals as the GPL expressly requires dynamic linking. Submitting an app using a GPL library is in violation of the GPL and will most likely result in your app being rejected from distribution in the App Store.

GPL patches, however, are not in violation of GPL distribution policies and can be included. They are not compiled into an application binary and can be replaced by the user.

I’ve read it a couple of times but remain confused as to what is and what is not allowed. My main question is: am I allowed to use the ofxPd (addon + pd library) plus a pd patch in an iPhone app that I want to submit to the store?


PureData vanilla is under BSD license. Some of the externals (like expr~) are under GPL. Those externals should not be included in your application and you really shouldn’t need them since most things can be accomplished using vanilla PD.

Patches are not considered libraries (from my understanding). A patch isn’t any different than loading a text file in and it being read by PD. Just don’t include any of the GPL externals from PD and you’ll be fine.