ofxPCL and boost

I am trying to resurect ofxPCL in some form. I am wokring on windows as it seems the easiest target )I dont need to compile the libs as there is a release).

I think I am geting somewhere, but the problem I think I am running into is the different versions of boost used by OF and by th version of PCL that I want to use.

My wild guess of just tring to replace the libs and the files seems like a dead end (I was sure it would not be so simple).

Is it a very complicated thing to change the version of boost used in OF? When I go to the properties of the VS2015 project for OF I dont see the linker and include paths - I am guessing this is where I would start, but any clues would be good.

you can completely remove boost from OF if you define OF_USING_STD_FS 1 somewhere in ofConstants.h

then you’ll need to remove boost from the project file

Great, this seems like a great way to start.

Ok, I had a quick check, but this define seems to be quite broken. I tried to fix it, but it goes a bit deeper than I can understand.

Ok, I want to try this a bit further, and the above suggestion did not work. Where would I start to change the version of Boost that of uses.

Ok, well I am not sure if this is the most elegant way of doing things, but just changing the HEADER_BOOST definition to point to my own installation of boost does the trick (on OSX anyway).