Ofxpatterns trobleshoot

Do anybody know about more this add on, i would like to build it example but it seem like many LNK2019 problem, i dont know why can anybody help?

It’s almost impossible to help you if you don’t tell us what you were doing and which error you are receiving :wink:

I am trying on ofxpattern example code , unresolved error

This addon https://github.com/carlesgutierrez/ofxPatterns was updated the last time 2 years ago, maybe it is not up to date with the current OF version. I would open an issue on the github page of that addon, specifiyng exactly the error message that you are receiving, unresolved error is not enough, include the stacktrace in the issue.

It looks like a problem related to the addon, not to openFrameworks.

  • Go here:
  • Click on “New Issue”
  • Copy the image that you have just posted, and add in the issue that you can not compile the example, specifying which OS and which openFrameworks version are you using
  • Wait for an answer from the developer.