ofxPango in 007?


i was using ofxPango to display UTF8 characters with “pre-cairo” version of 007. Now when I try to compile ofxPango with official 007 I get the error “Cairo was not compiled with support for the svg backend”.

I understand there are two versions of Cairo lib in my project, but just replacing the official one with the one that comes with ofxPango doesn’t help and introduces more compiling errors.

Any ideas on the solution to this?



the version of cairo that comes with 007 has support for svg, try removing the one that comes with the addon

thanks arturo, it worked! Should’ve thought about this my self :slight_smile:


I’m trying to run the ofxPango example but with no luck so far.

First I’m using 007 and Mac OS 10.7.2, so I get the
“# error Cairo was not compiled with support for the svg backend”
I have included the paths like this:

// path to the addons dir  
ADDONS_PATH = $(OF_PATH)/addons  
OFX_PANGO_HEADERS = "$(ADDONS_PATH)/ofxPango/src/includes/"  
OFX_OPENCV_HEADERS = "$(ADDONS_PATH)/ofxOpenCv/libs/opencv/include/"  
// ofxKinect  
OFX_KINECT_HEADERS = "$(ADDONS_PATH)/ofxKinect/libs/libusb/osx/include/"  
OFX_KINECT_LIBS = "$(ADDONS_PATH)/ofxKinect/libs/libusb/osx/libs/usb-1.0.a"  
// all addons  

and checked reverse checkbox in front of the $(OF_ADDON_HEDERS).
So I’m removing the ofxPango/src/includes/cairo folder, but the error is in the libs/cairo/include/cairo/cairo-svg.h and is still popping…
May be I’m using an older 007 release?

I’m planning to use ofxPango in order to animate a text on a path, is this the way to go or there are other solutions that I’m not aware of?

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile: