ofxPanel collection name won't draw, any other ofxGui docs?

I’m working with ofxGui and ofxPanel. I noticed that setting a collection name with
myPanel.setup(“Params Panel”, “params.xml”, 10, 10);

doesn’t draw the title of the panel, like the documentation says:

setup(...)ofxPanel * ofxPanel::setup(const string &collectionName, const string &filename, float x, float y)

collectionName is a title that will appear at the top of the panel.

To get a title to draw, I had to create an ofParameterGroup - name the group, then add the parameter group to the panel.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug that the panel name doesn’t draw if you assign it with ofxPanel setup?
Also - is there any other documentation on the differences between ofParameterGroup ofxGuiGroup and ofxPanel?


Hi, that sounds like a bug.

On which of version does this happen?
is it still happening on the newest nightly build?

There are a lot of differences between ofParameterGroup, ofxGuiGroup and ofxPanel.
ofxPanel inherits from ofxGuiGroup. ofxPanel mostly adds saving and loading.

ofParameterGroup is a different thing. It is a container for ofParameters.
Any of these two don’t have a visual output. These only store values and have, among some other things, the ability to trigger events when the value changes.

You can think of ofxPanel and ofxGuiGroup as the renderers for ofParameterGroup and ofxParameter objects.

hope these helps.

Thanks @roymacdonald!
Yes that explanation definitely helps. Maybe something could get added to the documentation or book for newbies.

I’m using 0.9.8. I can check with the nightly build to see if its still an issue.

Well I took a look and this bug seems fixed.
As for the documentation, sure, it would be very helpful, although I have no time to do such.
Maybe you want to start the docuentation for ofxGui.