ofxOscReceiver returning 0 for getNextMessage( ofxOscMessage & message )

I’ve got a remote IP with an open port:



Connection to MY_REMOTE_IP port MY_PORT [udp/sdfunc] succeeded!

But when I try to stream the UDP connection via my ofx app it says the connection is not returning any messages.

bool ofxOscReceiver::getNextMessage( ofxOscMessage & message )
	return messagesChannel.tryReceive(message);

the messagesChannel.tryReceive(message) is printing out as 0

the github repo of my example project is here:

Right now I’m just trying to print the UDP stream to the console, but I’m not sure how to verify that the UDP connection is actually streaming data to my remote?

I am not able to regularly access the server where the stream is hosted. But I can confirm that it is streaming the data when I access it locally.

If I get a positive nc result could there be anything preventing me from accessing the stream remotely?