I’m looking on ofxOscParameterSync and the relative examples oscParameterReceiver / oscParameterSender, but…

I’m trying to sync a group of ofParameter from another app (Ableton Live with Live grabber, indeed) and I didn’t manage to sync more than the size parameter with Ableton even all is perfectly synced between the examples.

Is there something to know ? or some forrmat to give to the message ? is this an issue ?

Another question, my ableton plugin just sent 0-1 float values ? how could the parameter sync between the min - max given to the slider ?

Best regards.

Well, I got it.

My plug only send float args.

The type of arg is checked in the ofxOscParameter when the message come, and the type of the arg has to be strictlty the same as the type of the ofParameter.

So until my plug only send float, it will be only able to communicate with ofParameter…