ofxOscParameterSync resend after listener event (or force update/send)

Hi all,
I have the following situation. 2 applications, lets say Client and Server, each of them with an ofParameter drawn with ImGui and synced with ofxOscParameterSync.

1: Client updates a value(let’s say 15) on GUI.
2: Client copies value to OfParameter and syncs it on update.
3: Server receives value(15) and triggers an event.
4: listener function gets the new value(15) and triggers a process that updates the same value to 20.
5: Sever displays new value (20) but the value never gets sent to Client. So client and server not in sync.

I have tried to use booleans to update the value out of the listener event (on update), then the value is resent to the Client and everything looks fine. Problem is, if I have many of these parameters i will have too much dirt in my app.

Is there any way to force (or re update) an ofParameter during its own listener function?


no cause if you did that you would get a recursive call of the parameter to itself, not sure what would be the best solution for this particular problem

Thanks Arturo!
Yes, that’s right, there could be a recursive call.
Ok for now. I’m writing this part outside of ofParameter. It will work anyways.