ofxOsc support for blob type

Everything I read about ofxOsc says it supports the blob type, but none of the source in of061 or in trunk have support for it.

Anyone know if blob support is coming along? Damien?

I went ahead and implemented Blob support in ofxOSC.

If you’re interested in using it yourself, you can grab it at http://github.com/infiniteoption/ofxOsc https://github.com/fractaloop/ofxOsc

I’ve submitted a pull request so it can make it to trunk. I’m not entirely sure how arturoc or others would prefer it to be submitted, but I hope that works!

Hope others find blob support as useful as I did!

hi, that link seems to now be broken. do you mind re-posting the code? I’m looking for blob support for a project.


I’m also very interested in this.
Or is there another blob implementation ofxOsc?

Got a request for this…I put the code back up at https://github.com/fractaloop/ofxOsc

Not sure where the old stuff went… Hope it works for you. It’s a couple years old so I didn’t really check it over. If something needs fixing please feel free to fork’n’fix.