ofxOsc/ofxTuio error


I wonder if somethings changed between the osc library in the 006 prerelease 10 days ago and the actual prerelease.

I copied the ofxTuio example in a clean empty example of the actual preRelease, added ofxTuio and ofxOsc, changed the addon #include from ‘classic’ ofAddon.h to ‘modern’ “ofx.h” in testApp.h and ofxTuio.h and that gave me the first 8 errors in xcode:

error: cannot convert 'std::string' to 'const char*' for argument '1' to 'int strcmp(const char*, const char*)'  

Lines: 60, 63, 102, 136, 14, 143, 192, 250
Seems to be the instance m of ofxOscMessage. When looking into the older version of ofxOscMessage everything comes clear: the older returns a const char*, the newer a string…

adding .c_str() to every first argument makes it compile fine…but gives this runtime error, coming from osc:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'osc::MalformedBundleException'  
  what():  packet too short for bundle element  

Copying the prepreRelease 006 ofxOsc addon folder to the actual preRelease addon folder and undoing the .c_str() things makes everything compile AND run fine.

Any ideas what I did wrong this time or what may be broken?


yes, we were going to include ofxOsc 002 to not break code but finally we included 0.03 as there was some memory leaks in previous version. so apart from solving this issues, 003 also changes every char* to string. that’s why you’re having some errors.

going to take a look at ofxTuio.

Has this been resolved yet? Having the same trouble…