ofxOsc in a ofThread to improve performances?

In the project for my final thesis i have an application ( the server app) build with these addons ofxBox2d, ofxTwitter, ofxARToolKit, ofxSupercollider. Basically when a marker is on the field of view of the camera it is replaced with a 3d model or a text or flux of rects particles (that respond to ofxBox2d), every rects is asociated a sound and send a osc message to a raspberrypi. My raspberrypi control two servos and osc message modify its behavior. But when the server send the osc message i notice that the app slow down a bit ( the rect particles velocity is slower ) does it make sense to put in a thread the osc message sending? does it possible to put in a thread osc messages? i have to say that also my server app send a tweet with an image ( but the app send the tweet when you push a button), the sending of tweets and the save of images is on separate threads, i don’t know if i explained well my issue, please if you don’t understand let my know, it is very important for me.