ofxOsc help needed

I have been posting in beginners, when I read the sticky (sorry =/)
I had a linking issue with ofxOsc, but itt seems that the linking issue is gone, since it no longer says
that it cant find ofxOsc.h

but it keeps saying that
“error ‘ofxOscReceiver’ does not name a type”
what does that mean ?

      ofxOscReceiver receiver;   
      int            current_msg_string;   
      std::string      msg_strings[NUM_MSG_STRINGS];   
      float         timers[NUM_MSG_STRINGS];   
      int            mouseX, mouseY;   
      char         mouseButtonState[128];   

Trying to get animata and OpenFrameWorks to work togther with CodeBlocks
on windows32 bit

before you #include “ofAddons.h”, have you got

like this:

#include "ofMain.h"  
#include "ofAddons.h"  

Damian I have already done this, but without effect.

I read a tutorial

And the first step, lille blue folder, I dont get it.
cant figure out how to do it, except if I add all the folders leading into the ofxOsc folder.

I think that might be the issue, any hints ?