ofxOSC error when changing port

Hi all

I’m sending OSC data over WiFi both to and from my iPad 2 and MacBook Pro. I’m using Zach Gage’s iPhone version of ofxOSC I found here - http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/iphone-to-arduino/2279/0

All is going swimmingly apart from one issue. I need the user to be able to swap ports, IP address etc within the iPad app. I’m changing these details by calling the setup() method on the ofxOscReceiver and ofxOscSender instances whenever new values are inputted. The problem happens when the I call the setup() method of my ofxOscReceiver instance. The second time I try to manually change this (after the initial testApp::setup() method is called) the app crashes.

Here’s the code and addon - http://augmatic.co.uk/store/osc-ipad-Mac-addon.zip

Any ideas?

OF version 0061 (iOS and OSX)
iOS 4.3.2
OSX 10.6.8
Xcode 3.2.5