ofxOsc eats cpu

I’m running the oscReceiveExample and the resulting app eats a whole CPU core while doing nothing. I’m not even sending any msgs. Am I possibly doing anything wrong?

I used a fresh 0.62 osxSL_FAT and run SL 10.6.8 with SDK 10.6, compile to a i386 with the release configuration. This happens with XCode 3 and 4.

Any ideas?
Thx. Nick.

that’s probably because the example has no limitation in the framerate, so it runs as fast as posible, try enabling vertical sync ot setting the framerate:





Hey, thanks a lot for your extremely quick and helpful response! Seems that’s exactly what’s happening. The app was running at > 1000 FPS. :slight_smile:
Limiting it to 30 cools down the app to 1% of my core. That’s much better.

Is there any reason why some of the example apps do not have a capped frame rate?