ofxOpenNI with OF007 (VS2010)

Hey all,

I’m trying to port an OF0062 skeleton tracking project to OF007, and running into a lot of problems getting the addon to work at all under 007!

When I open up the VS2010 sample and compile, the first error I get is that it can’t find glew.h. I added the various include directories if asks for (tesselator, math, cairo, etc), but then it asks for GLee.lib which doesn’t seem to be in the OF folder at all. I’ve tried both the tagged 007 OF from GitHub and the .zip on the site to no avail.

Has anyone gotten the ofxOpenNI sample (or any OpenNI project) to work using 007/VS2010? If somebody has a minute to advise, that would be amazing.

in order to port an 0062 project to 007, you need to start with an 007 project file. between 0062 and 007, the project file changed significantly (for example, GLee was removed).

so the best idea is to start with a working ofxOpenNI VS2010 example (which ships with the most recent version of the addon, i believe) and then replace the source code with your project’s source code.