ofxOpenNI w/ codeblocks + Windows 7 64 bit + XBOX Kinect

Hi everyone,

I compiled the ofxOpenNI example (openNIsample007) w codeblocks. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, the latest version of codeblocks and the most recent drivers for kinect (Note: I followed the tutorial to install Gameoverhack package but OpenNI.dll was missing, so I installed ZigfuDevBundle and it worked).
When I try to run the example I get some messages on console (attached here).
I’ve tried every usb ports and I get the same messages.
Note: Kinect is working w/ processing.

Any ideias?

Thanks in advance,

Could you post the Config.xml that you’re trying to use? I wonder if something is wrong there.

Thanks for replying. I’m not sure if this is what you are asking for; let me know if it’s not, please.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

- - -

- -

- -

- -

Yes, that’s what I was curious about. It looks fine to me though. Are you just using the Kinect with Processing or are you using the SimpleOpenNI wrapper? If it’s the later, could you try replacing this Config with the one in the SimpeOpenNI folder?

Hey there! Sorry I don’t know about the ZigfuDevBundle…

Might be a problem with latest drivers and the Master branch of openNI - I did not update the precompiled binaries and didn’t copy the correct lib and dll’s to the windows directories…basically Master is unsupported just at the moment. I strongly recommend trying out the Experimental branch instead. I’ve tested that with latest drivers and it’s definitely working.

Would you mind trying it out?

Thanks for replying.

Joshua, I’m using the SimpleOpenNI wrapper but I can’t find any Config in the SimpleOpenNI folder. The name is different?

Gameover, I switched to the Experimental branch; the openNISample still doesn’t work. I’ve cleaned the example and compiled it again and before runing I get this warnings: " .drectve -defaultlib:LIBCMT ' unrecognized " and " .drectve-defaultlib:OLDNAMES ’ unrecognized ". Then, on the console I get the same messages I posted above.
I tried some of the other examples (ImageAndDepth-Simple, UserAndCloud-Simple…) but when compiling I get the error: ‘ofxOpenNI’ does not name a type.