ofxOpenNI vs ofxKinect RGB image quality

Hi all,

I am using Kinect’s RGB image as part of my setup, and have noticed that ofxKinect produces much nicer image than ofxOpenNI. In code both work at 640x480 resolution, but ofxOpenNI’s is visibly more pixelated. In trying to find the reason for this, I noticed that ofxKinect sets Kinect’s internal image workings to YUV and then converts it to RGB afterwards. ofxOpenNI works with default type which is RGB. Could that be the reason? With ofxOpenNI I could switch Kinect to YUV mode, but I couldn’t find a simple way for it to work with that type as it wraps only RGB and Grayscale image functionalities. Any ideas how to fix this?

I use latest versions of both ofxses.