[ofxOpenNI] track only upper body and depth range

i’m using of007 and ofxOpenNI by gameoverhack on ubuntu 10.10

i wanto to know if there is some implementations on track only upper half body


i wanto to know to know where can i find some informations about the depth range: what is the min z and max z in the depth mask?

Hi, yes you can track just the upper body but it is not implemented on ofxOpenNI.
Read the openNI documentation, there appears how to implement such.

The depth range depends on the camera.
use this function to get the max depth
the min depth is about 50cms to get a valid pixel.
the values of the depth pixels represent mm in the real world.

The depth mask is just masking valid pixels.
or are you asking about the depth thresholds implementation of ofxOpenNI?
if such the min and max z are 0 to maxDepth().


sorry but i’m getting struggled with skelton tracking coordinates.
i’m doing skelton tracking and sending via osc the coordinates of the hands.
i want to send normalized value between 0 and 1
for z ok, i’m using maxDepth.
but for x and y? i thought it was a range between 0-640 (x) and 0-480(y)
but… if i track max vals… x vals never reach 640 and y vals get over 480…
any advice?

ok i think i got it

Player skeleton positions are expressed in x, y, and z coordinates. Unlike the coordinate of depth image
space, these three coordinates are expressed in meters

from here:

How are you extracting the hands position values from the skeleton?
because the coordinates of the skeleton are in the range you thought.